The Pandemic Mom's School Readiness Mini-Course

The 5 Essential Executive Functioning Skills for 

Your Child's Success in School and Life


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Worried your Pandemic Baby isn't Ready for School?

Of course you are. You brought a new life into the world during a global crisis, and survived.

💪🏽You tapped into your inner strength and resilience to protect your baby at all costs. 

But now, they are a toddler struggling to engage with the world. 

😥attached to you like glue (social anxiety)

😠prone to meltdowns (emotional dysregulation)

😭falls apart when plans change unexpectedly (flexible thinking)

😉and a wee bit spoiled by all the lockdown attention

 Post-Pandemic parenting is unchartered territory. You need help.

And I got you mama! 

" I truly love and enjoyed your book! When I started reading, I literally got tears in my eyes from finally feeling validated, feeling like someone understood me and what I was going through. Your book helped me understand what I can do to help my son adjust, and your practical examples in each chapter have helped a ton. I finally feel equipped to help my son prepare for pre-school, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Pandemic Mom of a 3 year old

🎓Let's Get School Ready! (hint: read the FAQ)

You know it's time for them to practice being independent outside your home.

But when you plan something fun for them like a 


 🎵Music class

 🎓Preschool prep class 

Or, even an afternoon at Gram’s house, they fall to pieces!

Why? They missed some early learning opportunities to practice core skills for independent success.

How do you help them? 

Enroll in the Pandemic Mom’s School Readiness Mini-Course  today to learn

➡️The 5 Executive Functioning Skills that set your 1-5 year old up for long-term success and exactly how to integrate them into your day through conversation, play, and routines.

➡️Who is the COVID Generation and what the studies are showing for meeting milestones.

➡️Intentional Language to use that empower your child’s self-development and independence.

Plus, each chapter features a relatable real-world story and real-world applications for how that skill transfers to a school setting.

Read (and reread) this relatable and actionable support guide as you empower your little one to take on the world and thrive.

Learn the 5 Executive Functioning Skills for Success Including... 

Skill #1 Waiting

Does your toddler want everything if not NOW, then 5 minutes ago? 

Skill #3

Flexible Thinking

Is your toddler ultra rigid? Do they panic when unexpected things happen?

Skill #5

Time Management

Does your toddler meltdown every time  you say, "no", "not now" or "not yet" ?

👩🏽‍💻I'm ready to raise a world-ready kid!

"As always, Cara hits the nail on the head in her latest e-book.  In this guide, she provides the much-needed and unique perspective of what it is like to be parenting the Covid generation.  Reading it feels like you have a friend and partner on your parenting journey.  She provides comforting perspectives, sets up the unique situation of the Covid generation, and then delves into specific ways in which you can help improve your kids' readiness for preschool and life.  Definitely a must read!"

Pandemic Mom of a 2.5 year old

Hi, I'm Cara!

Founder of Core4Parenting & Creator of the Collaborative Parenting Methodology 

I'm a mom of three, Early Childhood Educator and Conscious Parenting Coach with 25 years experience supporting parents to raise healthy, happy, successful kids!

I help Pandemic moms like you with a deep desire to raise a whole child: body, mind and spiritmove from feelings of overwhelm, confusion and anxiety to confidence, empowerment and a proactive mindset that fosters a deep collaborative connection with your child as you learn and grow together.

My courses and coaching blend my signature parenting methodology with science-backed strategies for raising world ready kids - who will change this world!

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