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🤔Is your Pandemic baby speech delayed? 

🤯Are they struggling with communication frustration(aka - melting down A LOT!) 

Add Sign to Speak- The Communication Bridge ($97) to your order and turn crying into communicating! 

The Pandemic Mom's School Readiness Mini-Couse

Created, written & read for you by Cara Tyrrell, M.Ed.

💗Post-Pandemic parenting is unchartered territory, and you deserve a relatable and actionable support guide as you empower your little one to take on the world and thrive.

📃Get cozy with a cup of something warm.  

Or, if you’re a multi-tasking mama who prefers listening while you exercise, commute, or do the dishes

🎧Grab your headphones and listen to me read you each lesson!

You’ll learn 

➡️The 5 Executive Functioning Skills that set your 1-5 year old up for long-term success and exactly how to integrate them into your day through conversation, play, and routines.

➡️Who is the COVID Generation and what the studies are showing for meeting milestones.

➡️Intentional Language to use that empower your child’s self-development and independence.

And each lesson features a relatable real-world story and real-world applications for how that skill transfers to a school setting.

Grab your Pandemic Mom’s School Readiness Mini Course today for only $48