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Transforming The Toddler Years

A Collaborative Parenting Methodology (TM)

 The show for conscious, Pandemic moms raising the COVID Generation!

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Hey Mama! You parented through a Pandemic in survival mode while your kids absorbed big emotions and missing out on developmental learning opportunities. And now you're learning that post-pandemic parenting is hard too!  

Each week on the Transforming the Toddler Years podcast, you’ll explore Cara's Collaborative Parenting Methodology(TM)  packed with:

  • Soul and Science based Strategies
  • Real stories of transformation and deep parent/child connection
  • Intentional language to raise world and Kindergarten ready kids
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Hi! I'm Cara, your host and biggest cheerleader!

Cara Tyrrell, M. ED

Early Childhood Educator & Collaborative Parenting Coach

Cara is the founder of Core4Parenting and the passionate mastermind behind the Collaborative Parenting Methodology(™), a birth-to-five, soul and science based framework that empowers parents to maximize their child’s early learning while raising fantastic human beings who succeed in school and life. She's embraced her role as thought leader and fierce advocate for Pandemic parents raising the COVID Generation (GEN-C).

Learn More About Cara on Episodes 1-4!

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Start here with our Top 5 Skills of Successful Kids Series!

🎧 8 min listen

▶️Episode 5: The Top 5 Skills of Successful Kids & How To Cultivate Them 

🎧 17 min listen

▶️Episode 6: Raising Successful Kids Skill #1 - Waiting

🎧 11 min listen

▶️Episode 7: Raising Successful Kids Skill #2 - Emotional Regulation

🎧 10 min listen

▶️Episode 8: Raising Successful Kids Skill #3 - Flexible Thinking

🎧 10 min listen

▶️Episode 9: Raising Successful Kids Skill #4 - Sense of Self

🎧 10 min listen

▶️Episode 10: Raising Successful Kids Skill #5 - Time Management


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🔦Spotlight on Guest Episodes🔦

🎧 34 min listen

▶️Episode 82:  Help with setting healthy screentime boundaries!

🎧 35 min listen

▶️Episode 108: Don't miss these mindset shifts!

🎧 32 min listen

▶️Episode 104: A must listen even if you're not a single parent!

🎧 35 min listen

▶️Episode 112: Because mom guilt is REAL!

🎧 37 min listen

▶️Episode 84: Take action to overcome!

🎧 33 min listen

▶️Episode 110: Tapping to regulate both you AND your littles!

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Having a Hard Momming Day? 

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Listen to Ep. 75: A soothing Grounding Mama Meditation to return to your deep parenting why, regain your perspective, and choose calm over chaos.