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Transform Your Triggers & Tame Toddler Meltdowns

Learn my 6-Step Framework for turning knee-jerk reaction into intentional responses so that you'll never fear going grocery shopping with kids in tow again!

Ready to Transform Your Triggers? 

Join other conscious, Pandemic parents with 1-4 year olds for this LIVE, interactive workshop. You'll learn 

💫How to turn Reactions into Responses 

💫The 4 C's of Collaborative Parenting

💫What is a Personalized Parenting Mission Statement

And how my Collaborative Parenting Methodology (TM) works for every home, even if you have multiple kids - who couldn't be more different if they tried! 😂

Hi, I'm Cara!

Founder of Core4Parenting and creator of the Collaborative Parenting Methodology(TM) 

  • Early Childhood Educator, MEd.

  • Hold degrees in ASL and Linguistics

  • Conscious Parenting Coach

  • And your BIGGEST Cheerleader as you raise the COVID Generation!

 My job is to help you find more presence and joy inside the chaos of  toddlerhood while teaching your little one the skills they need to be successful in school and life. 

You're in the right place if 

💫You are aware of your own generational patterns while choosing parenting strategies that align with your values so that you raise really good humans who make the world a better place. 


💫You want to build a collaborative relationship with your child where you listen to each other as you learn and grow together so that you can solve any problem as a team.


💫You want to banish knee-jerk, emotional reactions and replace them with calm, intentionally chosen responses to teach healthy emotional regulation skills and anchor their early sense of self identity? 


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