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“Parenting is really one big, beautiful story and

I love telling it.”

Cara Tyrrell, Founder Core4Parenting
Guest Blog Post: Caroline Tyrrell, Age 12 about me conscious parenting core 4 family motherhood parenting parenting gps parenting mission statemnet

A conversation for context.

My husband: “What do you want for Christmas?”

Me: “Finish renovating my office?” 

Him: “Ok.” 

He's a contractor by trade so I trust him and he has This Old House type vision for our home updates so I trust him even more.


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Cara Tyrrell @Core4Parenting
Ep. 4 What is a Parenting GPS? (And Why You Need One!)
Ep. 4 What is a Parenting GPS? (And Why You Need One!) character conscious parenting core4 parenting gps

Today we're talking about a concept that is near and dear to my heart, and it's deep inside the methodology here at Core 4 Parenting.  It's a concept that I created called the Parenting GPS.  Let me tell you a little story before we get started with how this applies to parenting. ...

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