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“Parenting is really one big, beautiful story and

I love telling it.”

Cara Tyrrell, Founder Core4Parenting
When You Pay, You Play character conscious parenting family foundational skills mom life money parenting parenting wins raising children self care sense of self teaching

You’ve heard this quip, right? It’s along the lines of, put your money where your mouth is and no pain - no gain.  

In plain speak, we tend to take action when we feel invested. 

For example:

Your friend gives you free access to her newest online course and you never...

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Big Sister, Little Sister about me core4 first time mom raising children self identity sense of self

During the infancy of this blog I’m turning the vulnerability spotlight on myself so that you can really get to know me at the deepest level that a blog connection can create. To that end, I’ve been attic diving into old papers, photos, and VHS tapes (yes, you read that right) and...

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Cara Tyrrell @Core4Parenting
Ep 9. Raising Successful Kids Skill #4- Sense of Self
Ep 9. Raising Successful Kids Skill #4- Sense of Self character conscious parenting core4 self identity sense of self skills

Welcome back, mamas. We are nearly through our top five executive functioning skills series that will help your child grow into a kindergarten and world ready kid. Today's skill doesn't actually sound like one.  Today's executive functioning skill is sense of self. Let's sit with that for a...

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