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“Parenting is really one big, beautiful story and

I love telling it.”

Cara Tyrrell, Founder Core4Parenting
I think You're Asking the Wrong Person conscious parenting core 4 flexible thinking motherhood parenting raising children skills

My daughter loves to sing and she’s blessed with a voice that, if she was willing to share it with the world, everyone would want to hear. 

Seriously, one day I yelled up the stairs and down the hall (as only the mother of a teenager can) Turn that radio down! 

It wasn’t the...

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Cara Tyrrell @Core4Parenting
Ep 8. Raising Successful Kids Skill #3 - Flexible Thinking
Ep 8. Raising Successful Kids Skill #3 - Flexible Thinking character conscious parenting core4 flexible thinking skills toddler mom

Welcome back, mamas. I am thrilled that we are still in the middle of our five part series of executive functioning skills. We can practice with our kids every day that will set them up for success in the real world.  Today, we are talking about flexible thinking, skill number three out of...

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