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“Parenting is really one big, beautiful story and

I love telling it.”

Cara Tyrrell, Founder Core4Parenting
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You’ve heard this quip, right? It’s along the lines of, put your money where your mouth is and no pain - no gain.  

In plain speak, we tend to take action when we feel invested. 

For example:

Your friend gives you free access to her newest online course and you never...

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Brene Brown said to Dare Greatly so I promptly burst into tears about me character core4 education kindergarten skills teaching

I just finished listening to Brene Brown's book, Daring Greatly, and promptly burst into tears.

I nearly made it too. But the last four minutes did me in.

You know when, back in the day, you went to a movie theatre and it was a tear jerker but you kept it together, so as not to blubber cry...

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